·         15 Rounds

·         Same pick in every round

·         Teams can trade picks

·         Initial size: 15 players

·         Can increase or decrease with uneven trades

·         No max or min per position

Player Positions
·         Players can be started in any position he qualifies for

·         Position eligibility is determined by
o   At least 10 games played in the major leagues at a given position in the prior season
o   At least 10 games played in the major leagues at a given position in the current season
o   Listed as the starter in a given position on the depth chart
o   If a player does not qualify for any position based on the above, then he will qualify for only the position he has played the most games at in the minors – based on

·         Players can become eligible for new positions during the season if they play at least 10 games at that position during the season.

Line Ups
·         The weekly line up consists of nine players: C, 1B, 2B, SS, 3B, OF, OF, OF, DH

·         If you start a player in a position he does not qualify for, you will get no score for him

·         Weekly line up deadline: Noon on Friday (unless otherwise informed during the season)

·         Line up discrepancies must be reported before the results are published each week, otherwise the discrepancy stands.  Report them as soon as possible.

·         Submit line ups via email

Schedule and Scoring
·         The regular season schedule consists of 60 games: 20 3-game series played head to head against another team on Friday, Saturday and Sunday

·         Starting players score 1 point for each RBI earned in the qualifying game for the given day
·         The fantasy team with the most RBI’s wins the game

·         If an MLB team plays a double header, only the first game will count towards our scoring

·         If an MLB team plays the end of a suspended game on a given day, only the stats from the regularly scheduled game that day will count towards our scoring.  Note: this does not pertain to a full game that was rained out and subsequently played as a part of a double header.

·         If a game starts but is called before it becomes an official game, then the stats for that game will not count towards our scoring

·         If a game is suspended after it becomes an official game, the stats recorded for that day will count towards our scoring, but the stats recorded when the game is completed will not

Tie Breakers
·         Game: Most Hits, then Most Runs, then Batting Average.  If the game is still tied after that, then it remains a tie.

·         Standings:  Head to head, then total RBI’s, then winning percentage within the division, then coin toss

Player Transactions
·         Waiver Moves
o   6 per team
o   Available for the entire regular season.  No waivers can be made during the playoffs.
o   Waiver moves can be traded, which would increase or decrease a team’s total allotted waiver moves
o   You must identify a player to drop when reporting a waiver move request
o   Waiver Priority Period
§  Between the end of the last game on Sunday and noon on Wednesday
§  Waiver moves will be granted in rounds based on record: the team with the worst record requesting a player will be granted that player.
§  If requesting multiple players, the order in which you request them determines which waiver round the request is processed.  i.e. list the player you want the most first when making the request.
o   Open Waiver Period
§  Between noon on Wednesday and noon of Friday
§  Waivers are granted as they are requested (based on email time stamp)
o   No Waiver Period
§  Between noon on Friday and the end of the last game on Sunday
§  No waivers will be granted
o   Waiver moves made before the season starts are unlimited and do not count against the 6 per team limit.
o   If you make an uneven trade where you trade more players than you receive, you cannot make a waiver move without dropping a player to fill in your roster.

·         Trades
o   Trade period: Draft day through Friday at noon, Week 17
o   Uneven trades are allowed (e.g. 2 players for 1)
o   All trades will be allowed unless another team decides to protest a trade
§  Teams not involved in the trade will vote to determine if the trade should be allowed
§  Simple majority rules
§  If a vote ends in a tie, the trade stands
§  Protests should only be made if you think one team is purposely trying to help another team with an unfair trade.  Stupidity on one team’s part is not a valid reason to protest a trade.

·         Roster Expansion
o   After Week 17 through the end of the regular season, each team can add one player to their roster without having to drop another player.
o   Roster expansion requests are only accepted during the Open Waiver Period
o   Does not count towards the team’s waiver count

Divisions and Playoffs
·         The league is separated into two divisions: Black and White

·         We will draw cards at the draft to determine which teams are in which division

·         The teams with the top four records in each division will make the playoffs

·         Playoff Rounds
o   Quarter Final: Within the division, 1st plays 4th, 2nd plays 3rd
o   Division Series: Within the division, Quarter Final winners play each other
o   World Series: Division Series winners play each other

·         Entry Fee: $125

·         Payouts (based on 16 teams)
o   Weekly high series: $10 (one tie, all tie  - the amount carries over to next week)
o   Division Winner: $175
o   Division 2nd Place: $100
o   Division 3rd Place: $75
o   Division 4th Place: $50
o   Quarter Final Playoff Win: $100
o   Division Series Win: $150
o   World Series Win: $300